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  • Want to make sure every classroom is rigorous?
  • Need a better way to track students than bubble sheets?
  • ScribeSense is the answer for your District, School, and classroom. Our secure online service automates grading process and provides charted and color coded results right to your inbox. Now you can grade handwritten tests the way you used to grade bubble sheets!
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      quick start

      No installations or supplies needed, you are ready to go! Simply email us scanned tests and get the results quickly.
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      high accuracy

      Our grading is highly reliable - as if you did it yourself. It beats leading software and conventional data entry.
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      fast turnaround

      Process thousands of tests within a few hours. Our cutting-edge cloud technology makes you more productive.
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      cost effective

      Give your teachers more time and boost your school performance without paying a fortune. ScribeSense is affordable for all.
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      student tracking

      Email individual test reports to the entire class in one click. Send your students detailed results right after the test.
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    • This is amazing! You saved me hours of grading! I am so excited about this! I can not thank you enough.

      — Jacqueline Rylander Science teacher

    • ScribeSense has been a very useful tool for me. It's saved me a great deal of time on grading... Even more importantly, I gained valuable information about my students.

      — Andrew Bailey Math teacher

    • Mischief managed. Students now want ALL their quizzes graded like this.

      — David Croson Business School professor

    • Plot student results on custom weighted scale

    • Analyze response statistics and distributions

    • Export reports in Excel or PDF format

    • Access editable response data in bird's eye view

    • ...And do so much more!

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